Carpet Cleaners

clean hudson bissell carpet shampooerMany people are curious as to whether they need to use a professional carpet cleaning company or if they simply can “do it themselves.” The truth is, either way works. Pros who have their cleaning machinery in a van or truck usually know exactly what they’re doing and how to avoid mistakes, because they do this every day. They’ve got the experience, training and cleaning supplies that allow them to come into your home and get the job done right. But, of course, they charge for this service and, over time, those charges can add up.

So, for many folks, the idea of buying a carpet shampooing machine just makes sense. They are particularly useful if you have pet “accidents” or spills that happen — and need to be dealt with quickly. Kids and pets have a bad habit of creating these problems at nights and on the weekends, when the carpet services are not available ?

Two of the most well-reviewed carpet cleaners are by Hoover and Bissell. Over the years we have owned both. At this point, we prefer the Bissell. After having several Hoover units that tended to leak cleaning solution onto floors, we moved to Bissell and now find it to be a more satisfactory machine.

The website The Spruce did a comparison of several models, and while they prefer the Hoover overall, the Bissell unit ranks very high overall as well.

We offer carpet shampooing as an add-on service.  If you’re a client, just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll give you a quote based on the amount of square footage.