Cleaning Up After Cats & Dogs

pet waste clean up imageOK. We’ll admit.  Not the most appetizing subject, but it is one that anyone with a pet will probably have to deal with from time to time.  For our purposes today, let’s get right to the point;  cat vomit.  Alright, I said it!  Having had cats around our house for over 30 years, we have vast experience in dealing with the problem — and I think we might approach it differently than a lot of the so-called experts.

Here’s the scenario.  You cat starts arching its back and retching.  It’s standing on your carpeted living room. (cats seem to be drawn to carpet vs. hardwood!)

Well, let’s get to work.  First off, use paper towels to get as much of the solid material up as quickly as possible.  Better yet, slide something under the mess, like a dustpan.  Just be sure you’re not driving it further into the carpet.  Next, get a large bowl of warm water and add just a drop of Dawn dishwashing detergent into it.  Dip a wad of paper towels into the water and soak the area.  Rub the stain VERY LIGHTLY, just so that the soapy water gets to all sides of the nap.  Now begin using a clean paper towel to draw the water back up from the carpet.  Gently but firmly push the towels into the soaked area.  As soon as it seems somewhat dry, soak it AGAIN.  In our experience, you can’t use too much water.

Again, use paper towels to extract the stained water.  You should begin to see the color on the towels turning lighter, as you get more of the material out.

Now, here is the trick we have discovered will really make this system work.  After soaking the carpet a third time, use facial tissues instead of paper towels to dry the area.  They are all super-absorbent and will help you get to the bottom of the carpet and pull up almost all of the excess cat splat!

We have successfully used this approach on white carpets and left NO visual residue behind.  However, if you still see something there, here are our “next steps…”

  • Try an enzymatic spray like Simple Solution. Follow label directions.
  • Use a wet carpet cleaner such as a Bissell and clean around the area where the remaining stain is.

Here’s one final note.  Resist the temptation to “overwork” the area where the stain is.  You can, if you use too much muscle or too much product, damage the carpet fibers and the nap.  We feel it is always better to do this step-by-step and be patient.