Like you, we’ve had a variety of different experiences with cleaners over the years, and not all of them good.  That’s why we set out to be different — and better!


For the most part, house cleaners come in two very different styles: Franchised “services” which are often over-priced and provide “strike-force” teams who come into your house, do surface cleaning and then are on to their next job. When you contract with a cleaning service it is quite likely that you won’t have the same team of cleaners in your house twice — so instructions you have left for one cleaning team can be lost when the next team comes along.


The other cleaning option is to hire an individual. While often preferable to hiring a service, individual cleaners are not always insured and bonded and are often unreliable, showing up one week, then not showing up the next. And, for reasons which go beyond understanding, individual cleaners tend to come and go quickly, putting you in the position of constantly interviewing and hiring new cleaners again and again.


Clean Hudson is neither a service nor a single individual. What we are is a 2-person team of college-educated, experienced, reliable professionals who happen to love to clean. The team you meet during your initial interview is the team who will be cleaning your house each time. We take time to get to know you and your home and appear each week at the time promised.