Additional Services


handyman services hudson ohioHANDYMAN

If you need small handyman jobs done, Clean Hudson is more than happy to help out. Since we’re in your house, we may notice when a problem occurs — and if you’d like, we’re more than happy to fix certain issues. We’re talking about things like leaking faucets, air filter replacement and other small jobs that sometimes you just can’t get around to fixing. We will give you a quote and proceed to make the repair.


garden tending hudson ohGARDEN TENDING & WATERING

The same goes for some light garden tending. One thing that happens for homeowners is this; you go away on a long summer vacation, but the weather turns hot and it doesn’t rain in Hudson — and when you return, your beautiful garden is struggling! We get it. Let us help out by watering and weeding as needed during those vacations!



real estate cleaning serviceREAL ESTATE CLEANING

Realtors often need someone to thoroughly clean a house prior to it being put on the market or shown to prospective buyers.  We are happy to offer this service to agents and realtors in the Summit County area.




renovation cleaning service clean hudson iconPOST-RENOVATION CLEANING

Renovations can create a real mess — and contractors are often not equipped to really clean your house once they are done with a project!  Contact Clean Hudson and will come to the rescue, with a deep cleaning of all surfaces so that your newly renovated home looks spotless!